Audio Repair Tips

Acer JD144F

Bright red screen with flyback lines. R944 (850R) bias resistor on CRT panel. Replace with a (1k/ 7w) ceramic for longer life.

Aiwa CX-N360E

Not playing disks properly. Laser assembly not focusing properly due to the synchronization between the tray closing and the laser assembly being in the up position had jumped by a couple of teeth! Fault was cured with the replacement KSS210A and the final problem was cured by ensuring that all the components removed were replaced in their original positions. For those who don't know, the KSS210A has a blob of solder shorting 2 tracks on the reverse of the small PCB, it is quite obvious when you know what to look for, the PCB itself is used to stabilize the foil which is used to connect in to the assembly.

Aiwa CX-NV70

A common fault with the three-C changer mechanism is a broken ribbon cable to the CD drawer. The part number is 84-ZGI~614, Willow Vale order code 89004C. P.B.

Sony CPD-300SFT5

Dead, no standby light. Dry joints in power supply.

Sony TA-137

Everything appears to work BUT NO SOUND. D910 (11V Zener) s/cct on power supply board.