Satellite Repair Tips


Snowy pictures on Satellite and VCR interference can be caused by the digital multiplex channels that the new ONdigital use are on the same frequency. Move the RF to a channel away from these signals!.

Amstrad SRD510/520

No vision, only scrambled lines with faint sound and hiss. Check C301 (100uF/25v), its on the L N B power board, this one had a dry joint.
Reset code. Switch to StBy, Press OK, Setup then press & hold Status until unit powers up (approx 10secs).
Both LEDs flashing, no LNB voltage. Both the 12volt and LNB supplies very low. Check the LM329 op amp on the PSU secondary.  Before condemning the Op-amp, check for shorts on the aerial cable!.


OK on unscrambled channels but no de-encryption of videocrypt encoded channels and no on screen messages from the decoder.
Replace C45 (1uf) electrolytic cap next to the PTV 111 IC.
Conductive glue on XT2 ceramic resonator next to PTV 111 IC.
Defective PTV 111 IC.

Matsui RD600

Dead. After replacing the power FET and mains fuse it had a flashing green LED on the front and the RED will not go out. This receiver has two LED's, one red and one green. Then red one is to show that the sat is in stand-by and the green shows when data from the remote has been received. But the flashing green means that the clock is not set.

Mimtec Premier

After fitting Satkit, had slight hum bars and cogging on picture. (100uf/35v) electrolytic next to output connector on PSU board almost oc.

Minerva SAT5000

"Your card is invalid" message is displayed all the time on encrypted channels. The fault on this Grundig Omni (a cut down version of the GRD150) was the micro switch for the card reader.

Nokia 780

Flashing "3" in display. LNB supply is shorted and results in locking up the processor.

Pace PRD800

Snowy pictures otherwise OK. Change the two transistors in the RF mod unit, type 2SD3355.

Pace PRD900

Dead. Replace D11 and R8.

Pace MSS100

No RF, no LED lit, no remote control functions. Further investigation shows that the LED flashes when receiving handset commands and the standby button works. Reference the block diagram on page 330 of March 97 TV magazine:- Pin 29 0f U700 (micro) is at a steady 5V. It should be the 12CLK line and I think it should be pulsing. Physically resetting the micro by forcing pin 6 low does not help. A full cure was effected by changing U700 the processor IC. Dave Donert.

Pace MS500/1000

Intermittent not decoding scrambled channels - weak contrast when faulty via the scart socket, (RF OK). Fit (TRANKIT 10) comprising two SMD transistors to replace Q58 and Q33 on the main PCB.

Pace 2200 receiver Sky Digital

To access INSTALLER SETUP menu of options. Press SERVICES, scroll down to option 4 (SYSTEM SETUP) press SELECT button, press keypad button 0, then press keypad button 1, then press SELECT button.

Toshiba TS540

See Pace MS500/1000.