Some models have been recalled for urgent modification, click here for information.

37AM23H 37AM12H 37AT25H

Line output transformer type changed to Pt No CTRNF2029BMVO.

37AM23H 37AT25H 37AM12H 51AT15H

Child lock on, pin not known. Press VOL - on TV & CHILD LOCK on remote together, press MODE on rem using CHANNEL +/- to Select child lock, press MODE, enter new pin, select EXIT, press MODE.


Int loss sound and/or colour for 1sec. Change C209 from 1uF to 100nF/50v, Pt No VCEAGA1HW104M, C808 from 100nF to 47nF/50v, Pt No VCKYTV1HB473K (use only Sharp parts).

51CS03H 59CS03H 66CS03H

Int flyback lines (may be red, greeen or blue) when hot. Flux becoming conductive on Q870,871,872. Remove transistors, clean pcb and transistors and replace. No / int field collapse. Resolder L501 (joints on body).

51CS03H 59CS03H 66CS03H 51CS05H 59CS05H 66CS05H

Field fault or general modification. Add 1N4148 from emitter Q509 to cathode D513 (cathode to E Q509. Pt No RH-DX0045BMZZ). Change R534 for 390R (Pt No VRS-TV1JD391J). Add a fuse in series with L607 and L608 (Pt No QFS-J1023CEZZ).
Int bleep from speakers or int no sound (when hot). Add wire link from pin 22 IC301 and pins 28,29 ( Gnd).
Stuck in StBy. If no 300v across C708 check for continuity from D704 cathode to L703. PCB sometimes damaged in transit.


Forgets memories!. R1072 33k.

C1001 10 portable

Corner of picture missing. R429 high in blanking cct.


No line sync or picture shifted to left. R647 300R oc.


Dead, fuse gone + STR40090 us. Replace above + clean flux from around R711,721 C708 + L705.


Int hum on vision, sometimes negative pic. Tuner us.

C1421 7PS

Line jitter. R308 (820k).
Low sound, action of vol control alters, above half way sound goes down. Check L301 - IF unit.
Set dead, StBy relay not energised. Check pin 11 IC1002 for reset V & D607.
Stuck in stby. RY701 relay winding oc.
Stuck in StBy, EHT comes up then goes into StBy. STR40090 us.


Sound modulates pic, ok with no sound. R680 (10K) high or oc.


Set dead, PSU working, line osc does not start. Check for 12V at pin 8 X0712, if missing R679 (100K) oc.


Field collapse. R511 (15k), R512 (1k2).


Weak drive either RGB. Check D807, D808, D809 & TDA3566.


Dead, fuse intact, no output PSU. STR40090 us.


Comes on then goes straight off into StBy. R521 (3R9) oc, also check D502.


Trips, relay clicks on and off with StBy command. Check for sc in line stage, D/J around STR41090. If still trips replace STR41090.
Tube looks poor. R621 (1R2) heater supply high.
Int white picture + no audio. Check each coil in IF strip for int short to screening can.
No sync. Q1603 on SCART pcb.

CV3707HD 5PSR1

Stuck in stby. No line drive due to Q605 being told to turn on hence removing drive press switch S1011. If set starts LOPT stage ok.


Chopper sc. Order 27510PK mod kit from WVE.


Small white raster. Lopt (expensive !!).


No operation. NVM corrupt, replace D710 with new type 1N4937 (Sharp- RHDX0507BMZZ), Capacitor 10nF 50v - VCKZPA1HF103Z.


CRT change/coil compatability. Early CRT VB34JLN61X/*S early coil RCILH0037PEZZ Late CRT VB370BVBK1U-3 late coil RCILH0057PEZZ.


Changing SDA20561 -(A528) TO SDA20561-(A535). Change both IC1001 and IC1002. IC1001 Sharp RH-IX1492BMN2, IC1002 Sharp CH-IX1463CJH6.


No AFC - poor tuning. R214 sometimes gets damaged if set dropped or if rear cover not put on correctly.
No text - and no clock function. Check location 21 in NVM (link pins 2-6 edge connector press mode, remove link).
Changing micro. When changing Micro replace NVM, also IC1001 (SDA20561-( A535 ) RH-IX1492BMN2), IC1002 NVM Sharp (CH-IX1463CJH7).


Blank video, field lines across. Replace Micro and memory (Sharp CHIX1463CJ7, Sharp RHIX1492BMN2).
Text faulty, channel 4, some transmitters only. Mod as follows to video PWB:-
1) Remove SMD capacitor C874
2) Remove SMD resistor R830
3) Remove diode D810
4) Replace R825 (2k2) with (1k8) (Sharp VRS TV1JD182J)
5) Add 100pF on print side across R871
6) Fit 100pF cap in position C240.(Sharp VCCSTV)


Vertical stripes on left side esp dark scenes. Fit 1K8 in place of jumper wire R895 Sharp VRD-RA2HD182J.

DV5101 DV5103

Stuck in StBy : Pic distortion : White pic : No OSD : Loss of pic : No tuning : No remote. All can be caused by IC1404 TVPO replace Pt No. RHIX1443BMN5.
Stuck in StBy: No vertical drive: Colour faults: Digital pic faults. All can be caused by IC1400 VSP replace PtN RHIX426BMZZ.
Trips with the LED going red and off about once a second. Chopper transformer (high resistance winding).


Dead, maybe smell of burning. D708 sc R705 oc (Sharp issue repair kit).
Wont come out of sby. R612 open - change R612 with 2R2 and fit R612 2.2ohm Sharp RR-XZ0204BMZZ, J-13 1.2ohm Sharp VRD-RA2HD1R2J.


Dist sound playing back VHS HiFi using A/V IP. Change R1388/92/93/95 to 6K8 1/8w (Sharp VRD-RA2BE682J x 4) - 10K resistors are fitted from neg side C1374 to deck, from neg side C1372 to deck, from neg side C1394 to deck, from pos side C1396 to deck.
Lin fault, or low def pic or loss mem, tuning , sound or pic control or no pic. IC1411 NVM Sharp CH-IX1409CJHO.
When using subtitles part of text disappears. IC1415 Sharp CH-IX1412CJH4.


Dead, 2A fuse and 8R2, 7W oc. Sc chopper tx, between the primary winding and earth.


Dead, chopper transistor Q702 sc. R705 (3K3) safety (part no. RRXZ0242BMZZ) oc while R711 (100R), which is across the base-emitter junction of Q702, high. After replacing these items and the TDA1039 chopper control chip IC700 the set worked normally.


No S/V but green LED lit. Check R751 (0.33ohm/1W).
Replacing lopt. Alternative part now supplied. Pt No's LOPT - RTRNF2023BMZZ , C606 - RC-FZ0148BMZZ. A hole will need to be drilled in pcb to mount pin 11 of new type LOPT (this will then need soldering to surrounding print), remove C622 and change C606 to 4n7/1.5kv.


Will not start up : if on pic goes off & Station Ident appears. Link in position of D705 D/J may never have been soldered.


R612 fails for no reason. Change R633 to 2.2ohm (Sharp RR-XZ0204BMZZ), (R633 same as R612).

DV5107H DV5132 DV5135

No sync or no col, NVM data corrupt. Add 8.2v zener between pins 5 and 8 of IC1003 cathode - PIN 8 (Sharp RH-EX0413BMZZ).

DV51083H (D3000)

Dead, dis col 2SD1546 HT returns to correct figure. With a new transistor fitted there was a slight EHT pulse at switch on but the set immediately shut down. The line output transformer was faulty. Fit a replacement and power the set up slowly via a variac. If at about 100V input the set goes into the tripping mode. Replace TDA8175 and the 1R resistor in its supply line.


Failure of IC501 due to high feedback. Replace IC & replace jumper from D502 with 4.7V zen as marked, also fit D503 as marked PtN DX0501BMZZ.
No text, poor field, no picture, int picture. Caused by corruption of EEPROM data (NVM) IC1002. Reset NVM location 21 to 5A. Remove L850 from video PCB. Fit link from J46 (VIDEO PCB) to link J48 (MAIN PCB), change C714 to 2200uF/16v. Fit 2 8.2v zeners from pins 8 & 7 IC1002 to pins 1 & 2 (pin 8 +ve, pin 1 -ve, pin 7 +ve, pin 2 -ve), fit 10nF across pins 10 & 11 IC1001 and fit 10nF from pin 39 IC1001 & GND, (link 26). Pt No's (VCEAGA1CW228M RH-EXO413BMZZ x 2), (VCKYPA1HF103Z.)
No text, NVM data corrupt. Replace C714 with 2200uF Pt No. VCEAGA1CW228M ZENER , add 8.2v zener Pt NoRH-EX0413BMZZ (pin 5 + pin 6 cathode) between pins 5 and 4 of IC1002 and pins 6 and 7 of IC1002.
No chroma after chan. change or slow to lock after ch. change. Add 8.2M between pins 25 - 39 of IC801.


No power, HT comes up but shuts down. R612 oc.


In protection mode then sby. Check R612 fusible supply to field IC.
Line output transistor keeps failing. Make sure that a 2SD1556 is fitted (Pt No RH-TX0138BMZZ). Connect 2k7 from cathode of D1001 & gnd, connect 47nF from anode D1001 & gnd. Pt No's VRD-RA2BE272J, RC-FZ9473BMNJ.
LOP tr fails. Add 2.7K 1/8W between cathode D1001 / Ground (2.7K Sharp VRD-RA2BE272J 47nf Sharp RC-FZ9473BMNJ).


Comes on but goes straight to stby. R612 oc, change to 2R2. Replace wire link J13 with 1R2 resistor (Pt No s RR-XZ0204BMZZ VRD-RA2HD1R2J).


Loses col after chan change, slow to lock. Add 8.2M between pins 25 and 39 of IC801 (Sharp VRD-RA2BE825J).


Height varies with pic content. Add 270K 1/8W parallel to D610 (print side), remove R821, add 110K 1/8W between cathode of D801 and ground, - change C832 to 100nf, change NVM to new software version (Sharp CH-IX1463CJSS ).
Works for 1min Then shuts off, all secondary supply rails drop. Sometimes the supplies only appear momentarily. C711 (1nf/2kv).

DV5932 DV5935

Dead. D709 sc, replace with (BYW56), R706 oc fusible.
No sound, pic. geom. wrong. Reset NVM settings.
Stuck in sby. Cracked print around LOPT T600.


Changes to field cct. C516 removed, L500 changed to 180R 0.5W (Pt No RR-XZ0227BMZZ).


Loss of col phase, white pic, or no raster. IC1411 NVM (CH-IX1409CJH7).


Pic flickers during high brill or subtitles. Increase value of C2442 from 47nf to 1uf ( VCEAGA1HW105M).
T700 switch mode transformer changed, later type not directly interchangeable. T700 old type RTRNZ0528BMZZ, new type RTRNZ0519BMZZ.


Int red tint in top 2/3rds of picture. C636 dj, check diodes on heatsink also.


Won't tune. IC1005 (RH-IX0249CEZZ), R760 (220R) VRG-RF2EB221J.